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Airport in a Box

Airport in a Box Description


Why is Rapid Deployment of IT Systems at an Airport Important for Airlines?


Whenever an Airline wants to fly into a new Airport, they must get ready at both the check in counters and the departure gate areas to service their passengers, luggage and other freight / cargo.


Often this process can take months to prepare and set-up.  The result is Airlines lose their dynamic ability to adjust their schedules and destination plans.


iotaware has developed The RapiDCS solution which includes computer terminals, scanners, passport readers, printers (bag tag, boarding pass and documents) and fully wireless communications infrastructure (LTE and Wifi) to meet stringent cost requirements and rapid deployment / removal windows.


Where Can RapiDCS be Used?


  • Non-CUTE (Non Common Use Terminal Equipment) Airports, where Airlines must provide their own infrastructure

  • Seasonal Use Airports (both Non-CUTE & CUTE), where airlines do not provide full time year round service

  • Rapid deployment at CUTE Airports to get up and running quickly while preparing for full CUTE deployment

  • Any Airports where long term operations are unsure and quick removal of systems with no ongoing costs is needed

  • Any Airports where permanent “face to face” technical support is cost prohibitive for ground handlers

  • Any Airports that want to offer their own “low cost” CUTE environments


What Benefits Accrue from RapiDCS?


  • Easy to Deploy and Use (typically 3-4 weeks for order to delivery and days to set up or dismantle)

  • Low cost deployment and flexibility

  • No cabling required (all wireless communications between devices and to the Internet)

  • No long term communications contracts (e.g. typical contract is 3 years while iotaware solution is month to month)

  • Secure solution and fully PCI compliant

  • Full Remote Monitoring for performance tracking, report generation and trouble resolution

  • Trouble handling and real time support (when required)

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